St. Tikhon’s seminarians collect pre-owned liturgical items for missions

Providing newly planted missions with pre-owned vestments, liturgical vessels and utensils, service books, icons, and other essential items is the aim of a new ministry initiative, “Elijah’s Mantle,” organized by students at Saint Tikhon’s Seminary here.

“Elijah’s Mantle is a ministry that will act as a conduit for passing on used liturgical items donated by established parishes with ‘items to spare,’ churches that are closing, or retired or reposed clergy, to new missions or churches that are in need of these items but cannot afford them,” said Theophan Mackey and Gregory Levitsky, organizers.  “Our inventory is comprised entirely of donations, and all items are made available at the cost of shipment. We may, on occasion, arrange for shipment of larger items directly to the recipient to save on storage and shipping costs.”

Once an item is received by Elijah’s Mantle, its condition and history are assessed.

“While items of historical significance may be added to the collection at Saint Tikhon’s Monastery Museum, those of no historical importance yet in good, usable condition, will be inventoried for future requests,” the seminarians added.  “If a donated item is irreparable and not of historical significance, its history will be recorded before it is turned over to the monks of Saint Tikhon’s for a proper disposal on the grounds.

“Please consider what your may be able to donate to this ministry and your fellow ministers in Christ, or what your parish is in need of, but cannot yet afford,” they added.

For additional information on donating items and on items that are available to missions and parishes in need, visit the Elijah’s Mantle web site.