STOTS alumni pull together to support married student housing


Today another face was added to the ongoing story of married student housing at Saint Tikhon’s Seminary here.

Inspired by the recent announcement by fellow alumnus, Father Joseph McCartney (STOTS 2010), and his campaign to raise support for the Married Student Housing Program by running a half-marathon this fall, Deacon Mark and Matushka Christine Hoeplinger have responded in a big way.

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When asked what inspired them to make such a strong show of support for the program, Deacon Mark replied, “When I heard about the Run for Married Student Housing I remember thinking to myself this is exactly the type of initiative that not only our alumni organization but all of our faithful supporters need to get behind.  We believe wholeheartedly in what Father Joseph is doing and why he is doing it. I am passionate about this program and I am determined to see it succeed!”

Deacon Mark is so determined that he has pledged to match dollar for dollar every new donation received on behalf of the Run for Married Student Housing.

“Practically everyone can make a donation of some kind,” he added.  “If you sponsor the run at $10 a mile, that’s only $131.  Most can afford that. And I will match everyone that does it. If you can afford to donate a thousand dollars a mile I will match that as well. Everyone needs to get behind Father Joseph and Saint Tikhon’s so we can finally make this Married Student Housing Program a reality.”

Once again all sponsorships for the “Run for Married Student Housing” can be made on-line at  There you can also track the progress of the giving campaign, as well as see the names of contributors who have already given to this extremely important endeavor.