Vocations theme of December “Wonder” young adult blog

The December edition of “Wonder,” the blog of the Orthodox Church in America’s Department of Youth, Young Adult, and Campus Ministries, is now available on-line.

This month’s edition explores the subject of vocation – a topic of great importance to many. Though the term most narrowly refers to a calling to ordained ministry, most people apply the term in much broader strokes to personal life and career paths. It is that vein that this month’s authors address the theme “Lead me on a Level Path.”

Six authors explore the theme of vocation.  Mr. Michael Tishel surveys popular culture and offers a moving anecdote to discuss our common social misunderstanding of vocation, and the means of attaining a healthier sense of calling. Priest James Bozeman discusses the frustration encountered in exploring one’s vocation, suggesting that the proper view of vocation is the offering of our gifts and talents to the very Lord Who bestowed them upon us. Ms. Kay Wakaruk offers several insightful tips for understanding vocation in her essay. Comfortable with both the possibility of vocation and the use of Scripture for understanding it, she challenges us to respond to Christ’s call. Priest Chandler David Poling parses the difference between the secular understanding of vocation and a properly Christian one, refusing to allow us to confuse the quest for ‘vocation’ with the quest for ‘material things’ in this world. Ms Liz Gauvain contributes to our discussion by assessing the importance of self-understanding, while Mr. William Kopcha offers conventional wisdom on the subject of vocation, relying on his own personal journey over recent years.

The January edition — “Why Am I Still Here?”—will feature reflections from adults who chose to remain in the Church   The deadline for submissions is January 15.

As always, readers are invited to submit articles, creative writing, artwork, poetry, photos, and videos for future installments.  Suggested topics are always welcome. Send all materials and comments to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

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