270th Anniversary of the discovery of Russian America marked in Moscow

270th Moscow

On Friday, July 15, 2011, by invitation of the Moscow Historical Enlightenment Society “Russian America,” Archimandrite Zacchaeus, Representative of the Orthodox Church in America to the Moscow Patriarchate, participated in events held in honor of the 270th Anniversary of the discovery of Russian America (Alaska) by Navigator-Explorers V.I. Bering and A.I. Chirikov.

The events began with the celebration of a memorial panikhida at Holy Trinity Church near Moscow’s Sukharov Square, designated as a “Sea Church.”  By invitation of a cleric of the church, Priest Aleksandr Kholmogorov, Father Zacchaeus led the panikhida, with visiting Archpriest Vladimir Berzonsky from Holy Trinity Church in Parma, Ohio, and Priest Aleksandr concelebrating.  After the service, Father Zacchaeus preached on the importance of the discovery of Alaska, especially in relation to the Russian Orthodox Missionary work there that led to the spread of Orthodox Christianity throughout America.  Following Father Zacchaeus’ words, the President of the “Russian America” Society offered greetings to all gathered.

Following the panikhida, the clergy and those praying with them visited the Memorial Monument, erected in honor of the 300th Anniversary of the Russian Navy, at which prayers were offered for the departed and flowers were placed in their memory.

A photo gallery appears at http://www.st-catherine.ru/marking-the-270th-anniversary-of-the-discovery-of-russian-america-alaska.