Classical Learning Resource Center features Orthodox teachers in virtual classrooms


The Classical Learning Resource Center (CLRC), founded by educators John and Anne Van Fossen, has opened enrollment to virtual learners for both summer and fall 2012 classes. Endorsed by Archbishop Joseph (Diocese of Los Angeles and the West, Antiochian Archdiocese), and staffed by Orthodox instructors, the CLRC offers Literature, Composition, Latin, Greek, and Philosophy courses for homeschoolers, charter schools, and adult students.

Kiernan Schroeder, instructor.

CLRC online classes are live, interactive classes, where students can hear the instructor speaking in real time, and can ask questions and dialogue with others. The instructors post charts, diagrams, and other teaching aids with the help of a virtual white board. Classes are recorded and assignments and other learning tools are available on the class webpage. Students may also form study groups with their classmates to discuss homework assignments and readings outside of the regular class time.

Although CLRC isn’t explicitly an Orthodox organization, all of the instructors are Orthodox Christians. “We are a good fit for families interested in teachers for their children who share their faith,” explains Instructor Kiernan Schroeder.

Matthew Gallatin, author and instructor.

The educators at CLRC believe that a classical curriculum reinforces Orthodox ideals. “Why study the classics?” asks the CLRC website. “We are convinced that education is a process of opening closed doors of the mind and heart. Central to this process is to surround students with images of virtue, nobility, honor, purity, sacrifice, loyalty, and beauty. As teachers we seek to do this through the literature, poetry, art, music, science, and theology that we study with our students.”

The CLRC is offering discounted tuition for summer classes. Scholars can opt to read and discuss the works of great writers such as Shakespeare and J.R.R. Tolkein, or study either Greek or Latin. Additional tutoring services are available through the CLRC as well.

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