Join the Youth and Young Adult (YYA) Facebook team!


As part of the “Strategic Plan for the Orthodox Church in America: A Comprehensive Action Plan for the Next Decade,” the Youth and Young adult working group is looking for your help.

According to Priest Christopher Rowe, the Youth and Young Adult Strategic Plan implementation leader, “Our vision is to develop a way to connect our Lord and His Church to the lives of our youth. We think tools like Facebook and YouTube can help make those connections.”

The implementation team is looking for volunteers to help develop this Facebook page as well as provide on-going support for the site.

“Our vision of the Facebook page is to take the existing department page to a new level – to work toward something that is more dynamic,” said Fr. Chris.  “We really want a place where our youth can come and safely interact with others and learn more about their faith and the Church.  We want the site to be very much alive and interactive, and a place where our youth can safely address contemporary moral and cultural issues they encounter.”

Read more about the social media project here.