Los Alamos mission endangered by fire

With the evacuation of the entire Los Alamos population and the closure of the region’s nuclear power plant, Priestmonk John [Anderson] and the faithful of Saint Dimitri of Rostov Mission are praying and asking for the prayers of the faithful everywhere that they will be spared.

“The fire is zero percent contained, and at last report at 8:00 a.m. today, 43,597 acres are ablaze,” Father John reported on Monday morning, June 27, 2011.  “There is actually some blessed distance between the fire and the church, perhaps ten miles at least.”

But the major problem, Father John continued, “is that the fire is half a mile from the National Lab itself, which could be very bad.”

The mission meets in a three-story floor rented house in a residential area.  At this point evacuations are voluntary, though in certain places highly recommended.

“I have evacuated the holy things to a safe place and am on call to shuttle or help those in need in any way I can,” said Father John.  “Now we must pray and we ask that others pray with us as well!”

Updates will be posted as received.