Orthodox Church in America featured in Catholic Near East Association magazine

Catholic Near East

The Orthodox Church in America is the topic of a feature article in this month’s issue of ONE Magazine, published by the Catholic Near East Welfare Association [CNEWA].

The generally well-written and researched article may be accessed on-line.

The only major criticism that one could raise would be the use of statistics in the second to the last paragraph, in which the author seems to confuse the total estimated number of all Orthodox Christians in North America “recently, church authorities reported 1,064,000 members,” he notes with the number of OCA members.  With regard to the latter, the author states that “studies, including one published by the church’s evangelization committee [of the OCA], report much lower figures: no more than 40,000 full members.

“Fluid definitions of membership may also account for the discrepancy,” he adds.

The article is accompanied by a gallery of several excellent photographs.

A companion article highlights the iconographic work of an Orthodox nun in Romania.