Update on Los Alamos mission

As reported on the web site of the Orthodox Church in America at www.oca.org/news/2583 and www.oca.org/news/2580, Saint Dimitri of Rostov Mission here was being threatened by the region’s raging fires.

On Wednesday morning, June 29, we received the following update from Priestmonk John [Anderson], the mission’s rector.

“Thanks be to God there has been some progress with the fire,” Father John writes.  “While it has grown to 70,000 acres, it has some degree of containment at three percent.  God willing we will return to and celebrate Divine Liturgy by this Sunday.  Please continue to pray as winds are high and we are in a drought.

“We thank all of those who have supported us by their prayers,” Father John concluded.  “And we hope that the prayers will continue!”