Youth Make Festal Candles and Icons for Homebound Parishioners

Candle Making

As part of Holy Trinity Church’s ongoing efforts to strengthen the Orthodox Faith among its youth, the Church School Association organized a fellowship and service get-together on Wednesday, February 1, 2012. The youth and teens of the parish gathered to roll beeswax candles and mount icon prints before having dinner and attending the festal vigil together.

“The feast of Christ’s entry into the Temple is a great opportunity for the kids to learn about one of the great feasts of the church, and to connect it to their personal lives,” said Andrea Diamantis, president of the parish’s Church School Association, adding, “They got to make candles and then brought them into church to be blessed during the service.”

Parents and youth alike participated in what has become one of many annual activities for parishioners of all ages. While the frequent get-togethers are intended for fellowship, some also have opportunities to relate the events to the liturgical feasts of the church. This get-together also included a service component.

In addition to the candle activity, the youth prepared mounted icon prints of the Resurrection which will be placed in Paschal baskets for homebound parishioners. The baskets will be assembled by the youth on Lazarus Saturday and delivered to parishioners who are unable to make their own traditional foods for Pascha.

“These activities provided us with time on Wednesday to teach the youth about Christ’s entry in the Temple,” said Father Martin Kraus, rector of the parish. “It is important for the children to recognize the important role of Jesus Christ in their lives, as the light of the world and Savior through His death and Resurrection.”

Photos from the get-together as well as from Scout Sunday are available here.