Scripture Readings

Friday, August 17, 2018

Today’s commemorated feasts and saints

Afterfeast of the Dormition. . Martyr Myron, Presbyter, of Cyzicus (254). Ven. Alypius the Iconographer, of the Kiev Caves (Near Caves—1114). Martyrs Paul, his sister Juliana, and the rest, of Syria (ca. 273). Martyrs Thyrsus, Leucius, and Coronatus, with others, at Cæsarea in Bithynia (3rd c.). Martyr Patroclus of Troyes (3rd c.). Martyrs Straton, Philip, Eutychian and Cyprian, of Nicomedia (ca. 303). Bl. Theodoretus, Enlightener of the Lapps (Solovétsky Monastery—1571).