Venerable Shio Mgvime

The Georgian Orthodox Church commemorates St. Shio of Mgvime several times throughout the year. St. John of Zedazeni and his twelve disciples, among whom was St. Shio of Mgvime, are commemorated on May 7; the repose of St. Shio is celebrated on May 9; and on Cheese-fare Thursday the Church celebrates the miracle that, for centuries, occurred every year at St. Shio’s grave.

The 19th-century historian Marie Brosset wrote that every year prior to the 18th century, on Cheese-fare Thursday, the relics of St. Shio rose up out of the ground from the place of their burial. Those who approached them in faith and reverence received healing of their afflictions.

In the 18th century the Persian shah Nadir (1736-1747) invaded Georgia. Hearing about this miracle and becoming convinced of its truth, the enraged shah assailed the monastery and destroyed the shrine containing the saint’s holy relics. A group of Christians later gathered St. Shio’s holy relics and reburied them in their former place, but to this day they have never risen again.