Martyr Amphilochius the Captain in Illyria

Saint Amphilochius endured martyrdom in the second century with Saints Philetus, Lydia, Macedonius and Theoprepius, and those with them. Saint Philetus was arrested and brought to trial with his wife Saint Lydia and their sons Macedonius and Theoprepius for openly confessing his faith in Christ. By Hadrian’s order, Saint Philetus and his family were sent to Illyria to the military governor Amphilochius to be tortured.

Amphilochius gave orders to suspend them from a tree and to torture them with knives. After this, they were locked up in prison with Cronides, who believed in Christ. An angel came to them by night and eased their sufferings.

On the following day the martyrs were plunged into a cauldron of boiling oil, but the oil cooled instantly, and the saints remained unharmed. The military governor Amphilochius was so astonished at this miracle that he himself believed in Christ and went into the boiling oil saying, “Lord, Jesus Christ, help me!” and he remained unharmed. The tortures were repeated when the emperor Hadrian came to Illyria. They threw the holy martyrs into the boiling oil again and again, but by the power of God they remained alive.

The humiliated emperor returned to Rome, and the holy martyrs gave thanks to God, then they surrendered their holy souls to Him.