Martyr and Passion-Bearer Gleb, in Holy Baptism David

Saint Gleb was the son of Saint Vladimir (July 15) and the brother of Sviatopolk, Yaroslav, and Saint Boris. He was named David at his Baptism.

After Sviatopolk had killed Boris, he wondered, “Now how can I kill Gleb?” He sent him a message saying that their father was ill and wished to see him. As he was on his way, he received word from Yaroslav that their father had died and that Sviatopolk had murdered Boris.

Saint Gleb wept for his father and brother, and was lamenting them when the assassins arrived. They seized his boat and drew their weapons, but it was Gleb’s cook Torchin who stabbed him with a knife.

The martyr’s body was thrown onto the shore between two trees. Later, he was buried beside Saint Boris in the church of Saint Basil.

The holy martyrs Princes Boris and Gleb are also commemorated on May 2.