Martyr Crescens and those with him at Corinth

Saint Crescens was one of those who visited to Saint Quadratus in order to hear his teaching.

By order of the impious emperor Decius (249-251), the military prefect Jason arrived at Corinth to torture and slay Christians. Since Quadratus was the eldest, he spoke for the rest. The saint bravely defended his faith in Christ the Savior, then the torture began. Saint Quadratus, despite inhuman suffering, encouraged the others to stand firmly for the Faith, and not to be afraid.

Unable to persuade any of them to deny Christ, Jason ordered the martyrs to be thrown to the wild animals to be torn apart. The beasts did not touch them, however. They tied the saints to chariots by their feet and dragged them through the city, and many in the crowd threw stones at them. Finally, they condemned the martyrs to beheading. At the place of execution the martyrs requested time to pray, and then one after the other they bent their necks beneath the sword.

After many tortures, the holy martyrs were beheaded in the year 258.