St Theotimus the Bishop of Lesser Scythia

Saint Theotimus the Scythian was Bishop of Tomis in Scythia. He was a native of Dacia Pontica, and was part Roman. He is believed to have been the teacher of St John Cassian (February 29) and St Germanus, because he was once living in the same monastery as they were.

Somewhere between 385-390, St Theotimus succeeded St Germanus as Bishop of Tomis. St Jerome mentions him in his book ON ILLUSTRIUS MEN. He describes St Theotimus as a good pastor, a wise theologian, and a talented writer. He also says that St Theotimus used to write short works in the form of dialogues, which reveal his training in rhetoric and philosophy.

In his writings, St Theotimus speaks of the role of the mind and the heart in prayer. Perhaps because of this he is considered to be the Father of the Romanian PHILOKALIA.

St Theotimus sometimes endured hardships from wandering barbarians, but he impressed them with the holiness of his life and the miracles he performed. He also had close ties with St John Chrysostom, and visited Constantinople at least twice.

Sometime around 410, St Theotimus fell asleep in the Lord. Ancient historians also refer to him as “the Philosopher.”