Hieromartyr Acution the Layman, at Pozzuoli

Saint Acution suffered martyrdom for Christ about the year 305 with the hieromartyr Januarius Bishop of Benevento, and the deacons Proculus, Sossius and Faustus, Desiderius the Reader, and Eutychius during the persecution ordered by the emperor Diocletian (284-305).

Saints Eutychius and Acution were two laymen in prison with Saint Januarius and Saints Sossius and Proculus. All the martyrs were led into the circus to be torn to pieces by wild beasts, but the beasts would not touch them. Menignus claimed that all the miracles were due to sorcery on the part of the Christians, and immediately he became blinded and cried out for help. The gentle hieromartyr Januarius prayed for his healing, and Menignus recovered his sight. The torturer’s blindness of soul, however, was not healed. He accused the Christians of sorcery, and ordered the martyrs beheaded before the walls of the city (+ 305).