Martyr Abdon in Babylon

The Persian princes Abdon and Sennen took the bodies of Saints Parmenius, Helimenas and Chrysotelus, Luke and Moscius and buried them in their own village near Kordula.This was reported to Decius.The princes were arrested and brought before the emperor, who commanded that they be locked up in prison. The saints rejoiced and glorified God.

Decius returned to Rome with Abdon and Sennen in chains. He told the saints to offer sacrifice to the gods, promising them freedom and honors. The holy martyrs answered, “We offer ourselves in sacrifice to our God Jesus Christ, therefore offer your sacrifice to your own gods.”

Decius sentenced them to be eaten by wild beasts. Two lions were loosed upon them, and then four bears. The animals would not touch the holy martyrs, but instead lay at their feet. Then they ran Abdon and Sennen through with swords. Their bodies lay for three days before an idol to frighten the Christians. One night a secret Christian named Cyrenius took the bodies of the martyrs and buried them in his own home.

The holy Martyrs Abdon and Sennen suffered in the year 251. Their relics are preserved in the church of Saint Mark at Rome.