Venerable Matthew the Clairvoyant

Saint Matthew the Clairvoyant of the Near Caves of Saint Anthony is mentioned by Saint Nestor the Chronicler (October 27).

Because of his ascetical struggles, God permitted him to see the demons, and to know their evil plots and hidden snares. Saint Matthew also had several visions which he revealed to the brethren for their edification and salvation. Because of the gift of clairvoyance which he had received, the Elder was able to tell the brethren how to avoid the things which would endanger their souls.

Once, during Matins, he turned his gaze to Saint Nikon (March 23). Instead of seeing the igumen, however, he beheld a donkey. Later he told Saint Nikon of this vision, and he understood it at once. It seems that the igumen had fallen into the habit of arriving late for services. Saint Nikon corrected himself after hearing of Saint Matthew’s vision.

In the Iconographers’ Manual it says, “Matthew with the appearance of a clairvoyant Elder, with a black greyish beard like Vlas, in black klobuk, a monastic robe, hands pressed to the heart.”

The general troparion to these saints is: “Your hearts were enlightened with the light of Christ’s commandments, and you dispelled the dread darkness. Like an abode of the Trinity, from whom we receive grace, O Fathers Damian, Jeremiah and Matthew, you heal the infirm, and you announce the future in the communion with the angels, we pray to you to intercede with Christ God to grant to us the communion of the saints.”

Saint Matthew is also commemorated on October 5 and the second Sunday of Great Lent.