Martyr Copres of Egypt

Saint Copres was the disciple of Saint Patermuthius. These Egyptian hermits suffered during the reign of Julian the Apostate (361-363) along with the martyr Alexander. When the emperor heard about the saints, he ordered them to be brought to him, and he tried to turn them to paganism. He said that he had formerly served Christ, but had learned that only the pagan gods could provide salvation.

Copres was deceived by these words of the emperor and he denied Christ. By the prayers and tears of his Elder he came to understand what a mistake he had made. He repented and again confessed himself a Christian. The emperor became enraged and ordered that Copres be tortured. Patermuthius encouraged his brother monk to be brave and endure. One of the soldiers, whose name was Alexander, saw the terrible sufferings of Copres, and believed in Christ. He was sentenced to be burned alive. Saints Patermuthius and Copres were beheaded by the sword.