Troparia and kontakia for April 20

5th Saturday of Great Lent: of the Akathist to the Theotokos

Troparion — Tone 8

When the archangel understood the mysterious command, / he came to the house of Joseph with haste and proclaimed to the unwedded Lady: / The One Who bowed the heavens by His condescension / is contained wholly and without change in you! / As I behold Him in your womb, taking the form of a servant, I am frightened, but cry: / Rejoice, unwedded Bride!

Kontakion — Tone 8

Victorious leader of triumphant hosts, / we your servants, delivered from evil, sing our grateful thanks to you, Theotokos! / As you possess invincible might set us free from every calamity, / so that we may sing: Rejoice, unwedded Bride!

Venerable Theodore Trichinas “the Hair-Shirt Wearer” and Hermit Near Constantinople

Troparion — Tone 3

Holy Father Theodore, / you were a temple of abstinence and a vessel of dispassion; / you served God by your works, / and were found worthy of His gifts. / Now pray to Christ our God to grant us His great mercy.

Kontakion — Tone 2

God-bearing Theodore, / treasury of virtue, storehouse of grace / and adornment of monks; / pray for the forgiveness of our sins and for our salvation, / for you are the protector of the faithful.

St. Theotimus the Bishop of Lesser Scythia

Kontakion — Tone 8

Since you are a pillar of the Church of Christ, you have overthrown the heresy of Arius, O wise Theotimus; / therefore, our God has adorned you, O most blessed hierarch Theotimus. / By your prayers, O all-holy one; guard the entire flock and the city of Tomis.