Troparia and kontakia for June 26

St. David of Thessaloniki

Troparion — Tone 8

The image of God was truly preserved in you, O Father, / for you took up the Cross and followed Christ. / By so doing you taught us to disregard the flesh for it passes away / but to care instead for the soul, since it is immortal. / Therefore your spirit, venerable David, rejoices with the angels.

Kontakion — Tone 2

We bless you, servant of God David; / you are like the angels and estranged from earthly things. / Now you rejoice in divine gifts. / Grant us to share in them also, O holy and righteous Father!

Appearance of the Tikhvin Icon of the Mother of God

Troparion — Tone 4

Today, like the eternal sun, / Your Icon appears in the sky, O Theotokos. / With rays of mercy it enlightens the world. / This land accepts the heavenly gift from above, / Honoring You as the Mother of God. / We praise Christ our Lord who was born of You. / Pray to Him, O Queen and sovereign virgin / That all Christian cities and lands be guarded in safety, / And that He save those who kneel to His divine, and Your holy image, O unwedded bride.

Kontakion — Tone 8

O people, let us come to the Virgin Queen and Mother, giving thanks to Christ God. / Let us fall before her miraculous image, and let us cry: / O sovereign Mary, your glorious image now inhabits this land. / Save all the Christians of this world, showing us the heavenly life. / To You we faithfully cry: Rejoice, O Virgin, the salvation of the world!