ideas for youth ministry FIELD TRIPS

By Fr. David Subu and Ron Tucci

1.   Monastery Pilgrimage: One of the most valuable experiences a   youth can have is to spend a day or two in the monastic environment to see how   deeply Christianity can be lived. 

2.   Inter-Orthodox outings/vists to other churches: It is essential for   teens to realize that they are not alone and that there are more Orthodox people   their age than they think! 

3.   Service project: Helping at a homeless shelter, food co-op,   or building project. See “20 Something Ways to Get Youth Involved in Christ-like   Service.” 

4.   Church council, assembly, or convention: Attend youth-related councils   or congresses and make the youth presence known at Church councils such as the   All-American Council. 

5.   Nursing home or hospital: The need to visit the sick and infirm needs   to be taught early. 

6.   Youth choir trip to other parishes: Some youth organizations are already   recording and publishing their choir’s performances. 

7.   Camp-out: An overnight or weekend stay in the woods and under the stars.  

8.   Retreat at camp/retreat center: This is like a camp-out but   with more of the comforts of home such as beds and bathrooms! 

9.   Cemetery: Remember the departed and learn about ancestors by tending   graves at cemeteries where parishioners are buried. 

10.   Amusement park: This is a classic youth outing. There is often a park   within two to three hours of most communities. 

11.   Museum: Large exhibits of Orthodox art, Russian, Byzantine, and other,   have become more popular and widespread. 

12.   Sporting event: Go to watch or to play! 

13.   Science or nature center: With interactive exhibits, these are particularly   good for younger groups. Exhibits ranging from high-tech to complete wilderness   can entertain all ages. 

14.   Youth march: Youth have something to say about issues of justice, so   “let your light shine.” 

15.   Movie: You can choose either a current feature that is of interest   to your youth ministry or arrange for a special showing of another film. Be   sure to preview the movie before showing it to a group. 

16.   Concert:   Whether secular or religious music, there are many free and open-air concerts   in cities during the summer months. 

17.   Fair or festival: The   local town fair, a block party, or an ethnic festival,    can be great opportunities for teens to go, have fun, volunteer, or run   their own booth. 

18.   Zoo,   aquariam, or botonical garden: These trips are great for days with good   weather by offering a variety of shows as well as wandering time to keep youth   interested. 

19.   Waterfront:   Beaches, lakes, and even pools and water parks are always great places for fun   and fellowship. Be prepared for sunburn! 

20.   Dinner/banquet:   It can be a dinner cruise, barbecue at family fun parks, or a formal affair.  

21.   Dance/cotillion:   AROY has established a very successful yearly cotillion which gathers teens   from throughout the country for an elegant formal dance and planning meeting   for the groups activities during the coming year. 

22.   Education/career planning at a university: This type of outing is very   good for High School teens looking to make decisions about the future.  

23.   Workshop with local artists/activity instructor/educator:   This is a great way to gain new experiences, insights, and skills.   

24.   Ice-cream social or picnic:   This is very simple, traditional idea. It is something that doesn’t require   too much organization and a good place to start for any youth group.