Orthodox Christianity: A Guide Book to Life

A   Guide Book to Life is an activity desigend for children aged 10 to 12. You   can dowload the Guide Book by clicking on the link below. The file is a .pdf,   therefore you’ll need Adobe Reader (or any other .pdf displaying application).   Reader cab be downloaded for free here.

Instructions   on printing. After you download the document print it out. This format is   designed for a two-sided booklet. If you do not have two-sided printing capablity   on your printer, print-out the document (File - Print). After the document   is printed out, arrange the pages so that the first page is on top, then the   second page should be upside-down (the text should be upside-down, but still   facing forward). Continue this pattern for rest of the pages. Take the booklet   to a photocopier with two-sided copying capabilities. Put the pages in the   tray as you arranged them. Select two-sided copying and press start. The pages   should print with text on both sides of the paper. After that fold the pages   to create the booklet.

Download   Orthodox Christianity: A Guide Book to Life by clicking here (.pdf).