Become an OCA Steward

Do you believe...

  • that Orthodox Christians are called to invite everyone to “come and see”?
  • that Orthodox Christianity offers that which those who have given up on a life of faith –or who have never known it – are seeking?
  • that the mission of the Orthodox Church in America will expand through your commitment to wise stewardship?

If so, please make your commitment now by joining the Stewards of the OCA.


Donate now!


At the 18th All-American Council, Metropolitan Tikhon set the direction for expanding our apostolic work in North America. The foundation for this work is Jesus Christ, Whom we encounter in our spiritual lives, stewardship, evangelism and outreach, and relations with others as we engage the world.

If you have yet to join the Stewards of the OCA – or to renew your commitment – do so today! It doesn’t take much time or money, but it does witness to your belief in expanding the Orthodox Church in America’s mission!

Your gift will

  • provide additional funding for a variety of ministries currently outside of the OCA’s budget.
  • expand the work – and effectiveness – of the OCA’s numerous ministries.
  • enable us to reach our goal of $50,000 by expanding the number of stewards from 300 to 500.

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