Prayers asked for Manton, CA monastery in wake of spreading fires

While details of rapidly spreading fires here remained sketchy early Saturday evening, August 18, 2012, several enquiries had been received by the Orthodox Church in America’s web team with regard to the situation of Saint John of Shanghai and San Francisco Monastery.

Mid-evening reports indicated that the blaze—one of 12 to 15 spawned throughout the region by lightning—had already affected some 2000 acres.

A web team member’s call to the monastery went unanswered, indicating that the monks may have sought safety elsewhere in the wake of reported evacuation efforts throughout the area. Evacuation centers have been set up in at least two public schools, according to fire department officials.

The faithful are asked to pray for the region’s residents, and especially for the monastic brotherhood—even as they prayed for Saints Constantine and Helen/Holy Theophany parish, Colorado Springs, CO and the Protection of the Virgin Mary Monastery, Lake George, CO, both of which had been threatened by fire during the last two weeks of June.

Additional details will be posted as they are received. Meanwhile, anyone with additional information and/or updates is kindly asked to send them to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).