Community Service

Identifying the community and its needs.
Serving the hungry, the homeless, the naked, the imprisoned - locally, internationally.
Visiting the sick, the shut-ins.

A Ministry To Orthodox Inmates

Volume I - 1985

Oxford Federal Correctional Institution is a medium-to-heavy security prison located in a very rural area in Central Wisconsin. Several years ago, David Giffey, an iconographer and parishioner of the Greek Orthodox…

Ministry To Shut-Ins and Hospital Patients

Volume I - 1985

This guide is intended for laypeople who want their service in Christ’s Church to include visitation with those confined to home, elderly housing facilities, or hospitals. (For a Biblical reflection on this, see…

Military Lay Leadership Program

Volume I - 1985

Orthodox can be proud and reassured to know that today Orthodox chaplains are well represented in the Chaplaincy in the Armed Forces of our country. Currently there are 28 Orthodox chaplains on active duty and…

A Ministry Of Listening

Volume II - 1984

A brother asked a certain old man, saying, “There be two brothers, and one of them is quiet in his cell, and prolongs his fast for six days, and lays much burden on himself; but the other tends the sick. Whose work…

A Training Program For Visitation Groups

Volume I - 1984

This is a follow-up to the article “LOVES” by Emilie D. Lisenko, found in the Community Service section of the Resource Handbook. Its purpose is to offer suggestions for the training of those parishioners who wish to…

A Home for the Homeless

Volume I - 1984

Oh, brother, man, fold to thy heart thy brother; Where pity dwells, the peace of God is there. To worship rightly is to love each other, Each smile a hymn, each kindly deed a prayer.

This short anonymous poem…

Prison Ministry

Volume I - 1984

A Way To Reach Out

Today we are faced with what would seem to many as an insurmountable problem: incarceration; there is no room in our prisons for those who have been convicted of crimes. Some say the problem is…

Gift Of Literacy, Gift Of Love

Volume I - 1983

Is there anything more frustrating than being in a foreign country and not even being able to recognize the letters of the alphabet, or to make sense of a single word? One longs even to be able to read a billboard!…


Volume I - 1983

A Parish Ministry to the Elderly

On May 10th, 1981 a group of concerned parishioners at Holy Virgin Mary Russian Orthodox Cathedral in Los Angeles formed an organization dedicated to the enrichment of the lives of…

Widowed Clergy Wives

Volume I - 1982

“...defend the fatherless, plead for the widow” (Isaiah 1:17) “...visit orphans and widows in their affliction. . .” (James 1:27)

The physical body is so designed that all its faculties respond to protect and heal…

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