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Teen Education – Passion, Prayer, Education

Volume IV - 2012

We all know that our youth are critical to the vitality of our church – both present and future. Unfortunately, it is in the critical age of the teenager years that many parishes lose so many of these members, and many will never return. As they...

Fellowship Kidz

Volume III - 2009

Fellowship Kidz events are for children ages five through 10, using their parents, older youth, young adults, family, and friends as volunteers to help everyone connect to ` life of the parish. In this busy world, it is very difficult to create ministry moments for people to...

St. Mary’s Rent-A-Saint Project

Volume III - 2006

At St. Mary’s Cathedral in Minneapolis, MN, our youth group, the FOCA Juniors, call themselves the “Saints.” Their “Rent-A-Saint” project was undertaken to raise funds for the OCA Christmas Stocking Project, but could be used for other fund-raising efforts. It consisted in the offering...

A Children’s Choir? Certainly!

Volume III - 2004

The Choir Quarterly, written by the SS. Peter and Paul Orthodox Church Choir (.pdf) Father Vladimir Soroka wrote a wonderful article about the involvement and singing of children in the Church in The Orthodox Church a number of years ago. He stated that “the Children’...

The OCF Real Break Program

Volume III - 2002

Each year hundreds of thousands of college students take trips on their spring breaks from school. The Orthodox Christian Fellowship Real Break Program provides a powerful alternative to the “traditional” spring break, which many times can be nothing but foggy memories and empty experiences. As...

20-Something Ideas For Youth Ministry Field Trips

Volume III - 2000

Monastery Pilgrimage: One of the most valuable experiences a youth can have is to spend a day or two in the monastic environment to see how deeply Christianity can be lived. Inter-Orthodox Outings / Visits to Other Churches: It is essential for teens to realize that...

Taking A Youth Group On An Outing

Volume III - 2000

Additional Resources: .Sample Forms / Checklist for Outings What is a youth outing? A youth outing is any activity that involves transporting a group of teens together to a site away from the parish and/or their parents. Typical outings include trips to museums, amusement parks...

St. Peter The Aleut Award Program

Volume III - 2000

Additional Resources: .pdf Application Form In virtually every high school, public and private, students are required to complete a “service” project in order to graduate. Generally, these projects require 25 hours of community service, such as working in a soup kitchen, PADS shelter, nursing home, food...

Involving Our Young Girls

Volume III - 2000

Growing up in the 1950s and 60s may have been vastly different than it is today, but one thing that hasn’t changed for Orthodox Christian girls is the question: “Why can’t I go behind the altar and serve?” “Why can’t I help...

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