Family Life

An Orthodox vision of the family.
Family relationships.
Christian education in the family.
Family enrichment.

Zoe for Life!

Volume IV - 2011

(ZOE is the Greek word for Life) In 1977, a group of Orthodox women in Ohio began meeting to see how we could make a life-saving difference in today’s society. A survey was sent to the women in the area aged eighteen and over. Responses...

Medical Bioethics: An Orthodox Christian Perspective for Orthodox Christians

Volume III - 2010

Introduction The understanding and discussion of contemporary medical bioethical issues is, for Orthodox Christians, predicated on the tenets of the Orthodox Church. These tenets help us to frame the right questions for consideration from the very beginning. The first of these questions asks why humankind...

Family as Garden

Volume III - 2010

Our God-given family is our great source of joy and satisfaction. Our God-given family is our source of great frustration and anguish. In this sense, our family is our garden, giving delicious fruit and nutrition as well as intense labor and cultivation. Christ and His...

October: Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month

Volume III - 2010

Thy departure from this earthly life is a cause of grief and sorrow for your parents and all who love you, O little child; but in truth you have been saved by the Lord from sufferings and snares of many kinds. O Savior and Master...

Church and the Child with Invisible Disabilities

Volume III - 2006

[Updated, Department of Christian Service, 2015] The Invisibly Challenged Child The name “invisible child” is both a descriptor of and a dedication to our children, who are invisible in the sense that their disabilities, though often severe, are hidden from view. Brain disorders, though biologically based,...

Resources in Preparation for Dying, Death, & Burial

Volume III - 2006

Several years ago while at St. Tikhon’s Monastery, I became separated from the friend with whom I had traveled. Eventually he returned and announced that he now owned “property” in Pennsylvania. In other words, he had purchased a burial plot at the cemetery located...

Teaching Self-Esteem

Volume III - 2003

The eyes are the windows of the soul. I used to tell my Beth, when she was five, that I could look into her beautiful blue eyes and see all the way to eternity. She smiled softly. Perhaps she merely understood that her daddy thought...

Parents Evening Out

Volume III - 2003

Our church community, like so many others, includes a number of families who have moved from various areas and find themselves lacking nearby relatives or a reliable babysitter. The church becomes their family. “Parents Evening Out” was designed to help this particular group of people....

Establishing an Orthodox Christian School

Volume III - 2002

A network of Orthodox Christian parochial schools has been successfully established in northeast Ohio as a multi-city, cross-jurisdictional ministry. A brief history of Orthodox Christian Schools of Northeast Ohio, Inc., is related, along with “voice of experience” advice for other Orthodox Christian communities seeking to...

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