An Orthodox vision of aging.
Senior issues.
Ministry of seniors.
Parish and family ministry to the elderly.
Community services for the elderly.

The Third Age, The New Generation: Planning for Retirement

Volume I - 1983

Aging in our culture has been one of the last taboos. It’s something we are not supposed to talk about, and something we are not supposed to do. But the aging are not only the old. The aging are all of us. It’s time…

Utilizing A Church Facility For Senior Citizen Programs

Volume I - 1983

A service of great value to the community can be offered by donating the space of an empty church hall when it is not being used by the parish. This is exactly what SS Peter and Paul Orthodox Church of Syracuse, New…

The Child and Aging Adults

Volume I - 1982

Society’s concern for senior citizens these days is certainly justifiable and praiseworthy. We see and hear of so many dire cases around us that at times we even forget that aging is not synonymous with misery. We…

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