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Involving Our Young Girls

Volume III - 2000

Growing up in the 1950s and 60s may have been vastly different than it is today, but one thing that hasn’t changed for Orthodox Christian girls is the question: “Why can’t I go behind the altar and serve?” “Why can’t…

20-Something Ideas for Youth to Minister with the Elderly

Volume II - 1999

Several years ago the Feast of the Presentation of our Lord on February 2 was designated the World Day of Orthodox Youth. On the day following this feast and celebration we commemorate Ss. Simeon the Elder and Anna…

Ears To Hear

Volume II - 1998

To be involved with youth ministry today is inevitably to become aware of the music to which our youth listen. Very often when we engage in discussions about “today’s music,” we hear it described as non-Christian or…

An Inter-Parish Youth Program

Volume II - 1996

In the spring of 1994, my son Rowan was invited to a triple birthday party at the home of some Orthodox friends, the Gores in Connecticut. It was a mini-reunion for some New England Youth Rallies. When I went to pick…

The Youth-Friendly Parish

Volume II - 1996

Everyone wants to see youth involved in the Church and there are many reasons for this. Clergy see them as a sign of parish vitality and growth. The elderly see them as a guarantee for the Church’s future. Parents…

A Vision Of Youth Ministry

Volume II - 1991

While the following address was given to Youth Leaders in the Soviet Union, the vital points in “A Vision of Youth Ministry” speak to all in the Church who are involved with encouraging our Youth. The Introduction…

Starting An Orthodox Campus Fellowship

Volume II - 1990

The recommendations in this article are equally applicable to the (a) priest who wishes to begin a campus ministry, (b) student(s) who wish to begin a campus OCF, and c) parishioners) wishing to initiate and/or…

Youth Ministry: Sources And Resources

Volume I - 1989


Building or rebuilding a parish youth program can be a frustrating experience. We are all familiar with the litany of problems: too few kids, lack of time, lack of money, lack of training. . .. However,…

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