Family Life

An Orthodox vision of the family.
Family relationships.
Christian education in the family.
Family enrichment.

The Christian Family: Some Beginning Reflections

Volume I - 1998

It is in the context of concrete discussion of the family as Christian Community that all theory about human relationships and efforts at community are tested in the daily one-to-one contact. It is also in this relationship that our children first gain their ideas of...

Talking to Children About Death

Volume II - 1997

The morning my wife died I had to make a very difficult decision. The nurse said to me, “Your wife isn’t going to live until noon. You must get your son out of here.” I said, “Thank you for your opinion.” I wondered to...

Spiritual Aspects of Fatherhood

Volume II - 1997

A conference participant once asked the speaker, “What is the best way for a father to love his children?” The speaker replied, “The best way for a father to love his children is to love their mother.” I reflect often upon that superbly accurate statement....

Capital Punishment and the Gospel

Volume II - 1996

In September, 1995 the Wisconsin legislature once again considered enacting capital punishment—the killing of convicted criminals—in our state. Wisconsin abolished capital punishment 141 years ago. Of course, states can enact such laws as the majority endorses. These laws may be morally good, neutral, or evil....

Talking To Children About God

Volume II - 1995

Last year at 5 AM on Pascha morning our seven-year-old, Beth, said with a thrill, “This is the first time I’ve ever seen the sun come up. And, just think, it happened on Pascha.” Although she didn’t really understand what she just said, Beth...

When the Fruit of the Womb is Not Expedient

Volume II - 1994

THE CONTEMPORARY EXPERIENCE WITH INFERTILITY Among the many themes present during the marriage service in the Orthodox Church, two seem to be particularly stressed: God’s blessing and childbearing. Over a dozen times each of these themes is reiterated and their connection to one another...

I Teach Children How To Manage Conflicts

Volume II - 1992

Each of us is a child of God - unique and special. Each of us needs the feeling of belonging; each of us is in need of the support that a community has to offer. We need to build community, bridging the different cultures and...

When Help Is Needed: Choosing A Therapist

Volume II - 1992

Relationships are powerful for many reasons. From them we can derive strength, confidence and security. Relationships can be agents of healing and can come from family, friends, your pastor or a professionally trained counselor. St. Paul, in his relationship to God clearly expresses a deep...

Reinforcing Religious Education In Family Life

Volume II - 1991

EDUCATION AND THE FAMILY It is a commonly accepted principle that education, be it secular or religious, will be much more effective when there is active participation and reinforcement within the family. For religious education, the responsibility for this reinforcement should be expanded to everyone...

Common Pro-Abortion Cliches and the Pro-Life Response

Volume II - 1991

It has been said that those who define an issue, own that issue. Nowhere is this more evident than in the critical issue of abortion. Abortion propaganda has been presented as fact by, among others, the media and the medical and legal professions for so...

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