Parish Development

An Orthodox vision of the parish.
Parish administration and leadership.
Needs and talents assessment.
Education in the parish.
Parish fellowship and outreach.
Addressing special needs, and problems in the parish.
Groups, organizations and programs that contribute to parish life.
Parish growth.

Charitable Giving

Volume II - 1992

Charitable giving has been an important part of the life of our mission parish for several years now. It begins with designating 10% of our annual budget for that purpose. Additionally parishioners cheerfully give beyond that when a special need arises. How did the importance of...

Woman To Woman (The Ministry Of A Reading Group)

Volume II - 1992

“Gregory of Nyssa points out that Moses’ vision of God began with the light, with the visible burning bush, the bush which was bright with fire and was not consumed; but afterwards, God spoke to him in a cloud. After the glory which could be...

Parish To Parish; Humanitarian Aid For Russia

Volume II - 1991

This article was prepared before the events of August, 1991 in Russia. While the political situation has changed, the need for humanitarian aid to Russia is just as great as it was in 1990. Through national church appeals and as our Parish to Parish Program gets under...

It Still Outranks Them All (Part IV)

Volume II - 1990

Spirituality and Alcoholism Alcoholism may begin in numerous ways and develop as part of a person’s total life system and style. Alcoholism erodes an individual’s ability to function, physically, emotionally, and spirituality. Alcoholism is not only a major medical problem, it is also...

Oral History For Parish Use

Volume II - 1990

INTRODUCTION We learn the facts about any historical time by study and research. But we can never know everything about the time; we were not there. The written history of mankind is filled with documents¬óbooks, letters, diaries, legal papers, church documents, business papers, census...

Help For Small Missions And Churches

Volume II - 1990

Many churches and missions of the Orthodox Church in America must be considered small by whatever criteria we use to determine the relative size of our local communities. We have rightly discussed Church growth and evangelism in recent years on the national, diocesan, deanery, and...

Learning More About Church Growth

Volume II - 1990

If you want to learn about “church growth,” how it takes place, and how you can facilitate it, the Charles E. Fuller Institute Seminar Series would be well worth your investment of time and money. Like many priests, I was concerned about by ministry. I...

It Still Outranks Them All (Part III)

Volume II - 1990

Resources for Help & Intervention As James (not his real name) sat in the lounge of the detox center, he began describing to another person how he had come into treatment. He said, with astonishment, “I didn’t know my pastor knew I had a...

It Still Outranks Them All (Part II)

Volume I - 1989

Phases, Signs and Symptoms When thinking of alcoholism and other chemical dependencies, it is helpful to think of them as a progressive condition having at least three or four phases or stages; early, middle and late, for example. E. M. Jellinek (The Disease Concept of...

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