Witness and Mission

An Orthodox vision of witness and mission.
Witness in the community.
Public relations and the media.
Vocational witness.

Orthodox Mission Teams

Volume II - 1995

WE OFFER ASSISTANCE The Orthodox Christian Mission Center is the mission and evangelism agency of S.C.O.B.A. (Standing Conference of Canonical Orthodox Bishops in the Americas). We are steadily growing in our efforts to provide materials, technical, and physical assistance to the...

The Agape Canister Program

Volume II - 1995

DID YOU KNOW . . . . ? . . . That Orthodox Volunteers have been placing canisters in grocery stories and restaurants all across the United States and Canada for the last seven years? . . . That these same Agape Canister Partners have collectively raised over $450,000 in nickels and dimes from the general public? . . ....

Celebrating Anniversaries in the Parish

Volume II - 1994

In April of 1994, Holy Resurrection Orthodox Church of Wayne, NJ, celebrated the significant events of the Bicentennial of Orthodox Christianity in North America and thirty years of parish life by having an “Open House” for the community at large. In conjunction with the Open House,...

Orthodox Adult Education In The Ecumenical Context

Volume II - 1993

As a preamble to this article, I should state that I am not an especially “ecumenically” minded priest. My experience with the “ecumenical” movement has been decidedly mixed. In some ways my involvement with the Tri-Community Ecumenical Fellowship in South Central Massachusetts is unique in...

Celebrating The Sanctity Of Life

Volume II - 1992

On Friday, January 22, 1993, the 20th Annual March for Life will be held at our nation’s Capitol. It will begin after the inauguration of the President and the opening of the 102nd Congress. For the past several years, the parish of Christ the Saviour Orthodox...

Christian Witness in the Workplace

Volume II - 1992

Thoughts from a Physician-Infectious Disease Specialist To begin with, I have to admit that it has been difficult to bear Christian witness in my workplace. Ordinarily, being a physician provides one with important opportunities to provide Christian witness. In particular, physicians have opportunities, and in...

OCA Response To Humanitarian Aid Needs In Russia

Volume II - 1992

In October of 1990, after more than 70 years of persecution, freedom of religious practice was restored in the Soviet Union. My husband and I had the good fortune to be in Moscow at the time, and to participate in the church services that gave thanks to...

The Open Door

Volume II - 1991

As we draw near to Orthodoxy’s Bicentennial in America (1993-1994), the reality is that most Americans still think of the local Orthodox parish as a ‘closed ethnic community.’ Frequently, we ourselves are guilty of fostering this perception by inviting our community ONLY to parish...

How to Develop Your Lay Ministry

Volume I - 1988

Lay Ministry may not as yet be a term commonly used or understood in your parish. There may be no Lay Ministry Committee or Program in place. And yet, you, and perhaps a few others you know, would like to - even feel called to-develop...

Our Children Are Evangelizers

Volume I - 1988

Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it. Proverbs 22:6 (RSV) A child is taught by word, example, and experience. Of these three, experience is probably the most important because of its long-range effect. ...

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