Witness and Mission

An Orthodox vision of witness and mission.
Witness in the community.
Public relations and the media.
Vocational witness.

Orthodox Christian Library Outreach

Volume I - 1988

Many, perhaps most, public libraries have few or no books about Orthodoxy. This is another aspect of the Church’s being “America’s best kept secret” and it is particularly unfortunate from the point of view of…


Volume I - 1987

The theme reiterated at the 8th All-American Council in August 1986 was Evangelization. At the end of the conference, participants felt encouraged to evangelize and to share their faith with others. Many of the…

A Church Tour During The Parish Festival Or Fair

Volume I - 1986


It may at first seem strange to contemplate conducting church tours during the annual parish festival or fair. Most parishes look to the festival or fair as a fund raising event or, at best, as a means of…

Getting An Orthodox Column Into Your Local Newspaper

Volume I - 1986

Those who want to write religious columns for the local secular press (whether priest or authorized lay person) might find non-sectarian, non-controversial “inspirational” items the surest path to gain public favor.…

Endicott Parish Funds Radio Ministry

Volume I - 1986

Each Sunday morning, hundreds of people in the Triple Cities area and beyond are exposed to the Orthodox Christian faith via a special project by SS Peter and Paul Orthodox Church. At 7:45 AM, for 15 minutes, “The…

A Radio Advertising Project

Volume I - 1985


How does a new parish in a “virgin” area go about making itself known to the community? This question is one of the most important to be dealt with in any mission setting. Even in larger metropolitan…

Public Access TV And Evangelism

Volume I - 1985

You’ve been watching commercial television for years. It has influenced every aspect of your life. You’ve learned from it, you’ve been entertained by it, you’ve adjusted your schedule to it, but you’ve never had…

Approaches To Publicizing Parish Events

Volume I - 1983

Publicizing your parish events through the media can be a trying as well as a rewarding project. Whether you belong to a mission parish or an older, established one, the rules for getting coverage are the same¬ófacts…

A Follow-Up To Operation Library

Volume I - 1983

“Operation Library,” an article published in an earlier edition of the Resource Handbook, was written with the intent to familiarize people with ways in which books on Orthodoxy could be placed in public and college…

Know Your Neighbor!

Volume I - 1983

Adapted from a program presented by the SS Peter and Paul Orthodox Church, Meriden, Conn., as outlined by Sub-Deacon Keith Russin The Church Council and parishioners of SS Peter and Paul Orthodox Church in Meriden,…

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